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Are you planning to remodel your home and you live in a FEMA flood zone? Let las palmas appraisal, inc. help.

Our certified appraisers will provide you with an accurate, current valuation of your home to determine it's  replacement cost.  As all building departments require such an analysis prior to permit issuing, we've completed thousands of these reports to help you streamline your building process.  Just pick up the phone for more info.

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When should I get a FEMA 50% flood zone valuation?

Any remodeling project which exceeds 50% of you home's structural value.

As Floridian's, we are blessed with great year round tropical weather.  However, we also live in an area where over 20,000 homes are built in a FEMA designated flood zone, the most of any county in the nation.  If a remodeling project is in your future, you need to establish your home's replacement cost as the first step in the planning phase. You can depend on your contractor or architect to determine if such a document is needed for the permitting process.  Having performed over 2,000 of these specific valuations, so we can certainly be of assistance.  Just give us a call, and we'd be happy to give you the details.     

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